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Pre-Travel Consults

If you are studying/traveling abroad you should consider making an appointment with one of the Medical Clinic providers to discuss various pre-travel vaccinations and health care concerns.

  1. Schedule your pre-travel exam at least 4-6 weeks before departure (to allow appropriate timing of vaccinations). Call 320-308-3191 or go to to schedule an appointment.
  2. When you have scheduled your appointment, go to and complete the questionnaire associated with your appointment. 
  3. Check out the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for information/requirements for your destinations at so you can educate yourself about possible health concerns/alerts. Print this out and bring it to your appointment.
  4. Bring the following information with you to your appointment
    • CDC information (from #3 above)
    • Immunization Records
    • Itinerary and activities
    • List of current medications, if any

Note: We would advise you to contact your insurance carrier (contact the “customer service” phone number provided on the back of your insurance card) to inquire about coverage of vaccinations and visit.

Useful Travel Websites

US Department of State Travel Warnings and Consular Information

US CDC Travels' Health Home

WHO (World Health Organization) On-line International Travel and Health

CDC Travelers Health Hotline: 877-FYI-TRIP (394-8747)

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