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Sexual Health

The Medical Clinic Team seeks to help students take charge of their sexual health through a series of preventative care and treatments. Our team understands the unique needs of college students and experience coming alongside them to promote health and wellbeing.

Receiving regular sexual health care can help students protect their sexual health and well-being.

Top Reasons Students Visit

  • Screenings that test for sexually transmitted infections or diseases, whether or not you have symptoms
  • Contraceptives, such as implants, injections, or birth control pills
  • Vaccines, such as the human papillomavirus (H.P.V.) vaccine for men and women, which decrease the risk of getting the virus that causes genital warts, cervical cancer and some other cancers
  • Physical exams to assess sexual health, conduct routine screenings and answer questions.

You know your body better than anyone else. Reach out to our Medical Clinic team to share any concerns you have and talk about changes in your health.

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How do I Know if I’m at Risk?

A variety of behaviors put college students at risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections (S.T.I.s), including chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis and H.I.V. You are at risk if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  • Have you had unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex (sex without a condom)?
  • Have you had multiple partners?
  • Have you had a S.T.I.?
  • Have you shared needles?
  • Do you have a partner who answers “yes” to any of these questions or whose health status you don’t know?

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