Department of Mass Communications

Learning Community

The Mass communications Living Learning Community is open to first-year freshman who have an interest in any area of mass communications. Students live together in a campus residence hall and interact with student mentors also in the major. Students in the LLC also take two classes together in each of the fall and spring terms of their freshman year.


Participation in the LLC should help improve your success at St. Cloud State and in your career. Students are guaranteed registration to two required core mass communication classes as freshman. They also are guaranteed registration into two Liberal Education Program classes required of all students. Because you live together and because you take these four classes together, you get to know classmates with similar interests quickly.

Your classmates today are your work colleagues tomorrow. Mass Communication is a small world. The more people you know and who know you, the better and more successful your career will be.

Students in the LLC also get access to special tours and other events to help make their time in the department more meaningful and engaging. Sign up for fall.