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Welcome Huskies!

Libraries and the amazing staff, faculty, and student workers who are part of the University Library team are more important than ever, providing the information, knowledge, skill, and resources, as well as spaces that are available to all. We are essential to students as they further their learning, understanding, and research, as well as finding a comfortable space to meet with friends, consult with a librarian, or learn more about the world around you.

When we drafted our mission, vision, and strategic plan a little more than 3 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the changes and challenges that we have all experienced, but continued to persevere and successfully launch and implement several key initiatives and projects that have focused on recognition of diverse resources and equitable access, shared collections, deep engagement with our partners and stakeholders, and creating a sense of belonging for our students.

Our banner initiatives:

  • TAPS (Textbook Affordability Project for Success)—over the last 5 years, we have continued to support 1000s of students and courses through textbooks on reserve, affordable and open course materials, and professional development opportunities for our faculty. In 2023, we were awarded an additional $25K in support from the MinnState System Office, and a new librarian, Katie Kuipers, joined us as the Affordability and Digital Initiatives Librarian for AY23-24.
  • Our Student-Parent space opened in Oct 2022, with great success! Since that time, students have been utilizing the space that provides not only ample seating and tech options, but toys and books as a family-friendly option for our students who may be caregivers while pursuing their education.
  • Teacher-Scholar events continued to grow and be central to our events, workshops, and other opportunities to collaborate with great partners on campus including CETL, SCSU Online, Graduate Studies, and others as we reflect on pedagogy and practice, assessment, culture, arts, research, and scholarship, including 100s of items added to our Institutional Repository

Our mission continues to support the intellectual pursuits of our students, while helping to promote, disseminate, create, and cultivate knowledge, research, information, and partnerships, whether that is here in the Miller Center or online in our courses, or through the many opportunities for activities and projects that we expect our student “members” to take advantage of throughout the year. Get involved, stay informed, ask questions, and be confident in your abilities—we will be here for you! 

Go Huskies!

Rhonda Huisman
Dean, University Library

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