University Library

Dean's Message

Rhonda Huisman

Welcome to University Library!

As a fixture on this campus for more than 145 years, the many iterations and locations for library services have been part of the campus experience for the thousands of students who have graduated from St. Cloud State University since its start 150 years ago. The James W. Miller Learning Resources Center became the latest (and I might be bold to say the best) facility in 2000 that houses University Library, with more than 2.5 million items available for researchers, scholars, students, and the community to use and enjoy. 

We offer many of the standard services that one would expect to find in an academic library in the 21st century: research consultations with librarians, interlibrary loan services, circulation of equipment, small and large group conference spaces, and great WiFi and tech support. But it is our attention, care, and support that shapes the experience and sense of belonging that students have, from their first tour to when they turn in their final papers. All of the spaces, services, and people that make up the team at University Library contribute to these experiences and successes.

This year, we will put these thoughts, actions, and goals into a new 2020-2023 strategic plan, that will both energize us into realizing some long anticipated projects as well as connecting with our community in new and innovative ways. We will continue to encourage feedback not just on our plan, but any time you need assistance, have an idea you want to share, or are looking for a needed resource.

We look forward to continuing to make your library a place for research, study, connections, and fun—you belong here.

Rhonda Huisman
Dean, University Library

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