University Library

Dean's Message

Rhonda Huisman

Welcome to our space—it’s yours too! We consider all of our staff, faculty, and students as part of our amazing library team, with our users at the center of all that we do. Our collections, resources, services, and spaces serve the needs of thousands of students, faculty, and community members every year.

It is our mission to support the intellectual pursuits of our students, while helping to promote, disseminate, create, and cultivate knowledge, research, information, and partnerships with our faculty, community, and colleagues—what a rich and wonderful mission to have, no matter where you might be located or accessing our resources. Now in our 21st year of being located the beautiful Miller Center, we encourage you to find your spot, collaborate with others, seek our expertise or support in your research, or simply enjoy being a part of the Husky community in one of the best spaces (we think!) on campus.

Some new and exciting projects are coming in the next year—but if you aren’t finding what you need or have great ideas for us, please feel free to contact me, my staff, or, consider serving on the University Library Student Advisory Board. It’s time for a great University Library!

Warm Regards,

Rhonda Huisman
Dean, University Library

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