University Library

Dean's Message

Dear students, faculty, staff, and community members,


Welcome to University Library!


Serving the campus for 143 years, University Library is a modern and welcoming learning facility with 2.5 million items including books, serials, databases, newspapers, special collections and archives, and government documents, as well as access to technology and computer labs. Our librarians and staff are ready to assist you as you navigate your educational path towards your goals as a St. Cloud State graduate, researcher, community member, and global citizen. Access to information, news, and artifacts inform and guide our work, and I hope you take advantage of our many resources including meeting with reference librarians, taking a library course, and using our interlibrary loan services. The group study, conference, learning, and gathering places are here to support your engagement in search and discovery, in new partnerships and collaborations, and in new experiences and connections.  I am energized by all of these resources, and by the University Library team and our campus partners as we converge with the university’s mission and vision to prepare our students for life and work.


University Library can be your home away from home.  Find a place to study, relax, research, and connect with your friends and colleagues (and maybe even checkout a book or two, or spend some time meeting with a librarian). Contact the library team or me personally because we want to extend not only a welcome, friendly atmosphere, but also timely response to your needs, questions, and suggestions.


We welcome you to find your spot at the St. Cloud State University Library.


Rhonda Huisman

Dean, University Library



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