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Prysm is a student organization dedicated to supporting, advocating and creating social change for, and fostering a strong understanding of the LGBT+ community. The organization hosts events and meetings throughout the year related to LGBT+ life.

LGBT+ students are welcome to all and any meeting as well as encouraged to bring ideas, creativity, energy, and understanding to the organization. Prysm also committed to providing a caring and supportive environment where all LGBT+ folks can feel welcomed, share their experiences and support one another

Meeting locations and times are to be announced come fall semester.


Drag Troupe

Drag Troupe is a student organization on campus where anyone can come and partake in the art of drag.  The organization is open to people to want to do drag, enjoy drag, or want to support others doing drag.

Meeting locations and times are to be announced come fall semester.

If interested in the organization, please use the following link to connect with those involved:

Communication Director: Email

Facebook: SCSU Drag


Volunteer for the LGBT Resource Center

If you are interested in assisting the center in its efforts to help the LGBT+ community, please consider volunteering with us!

Please send an email to the LGBT Resource Center with the following information in the body:

  • In the subject line:
    • Please write "LGBT Resource Center Volunteering"
  • In the body:
    • First and Last Name
    • St Cloud State University Email
    • A sentence stating "I would like to volunteer for any upcoming events or programs with the LGBT Resource Center"