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German in Eichstätt, Germany

This program is a great fit for any German student because the University of Eichstätt offers classes at various language levels, as well as courses dealing with culture, film, literature and history offer insight into contemporary Germany. Eichstätt is a vibrant university town in Bavaria close to Ingolstadt and Munich. You can choose between spending fall, spring or summer in Eichstätt.

Spanish Studies in Salamanca, Spain

You can earn up to 10 academic credits in 4 weeks in this program. Salamanca is a college town, located in the heart of Spain, close to Madrid. This program does not require prior knowledge of Spanish. In addition to academics, many cultural and social extracurricular activities are included in the program. You can stay with a host family or in small residential halls.

More Spanish-Speaking Programs

If you are looking for semester-long programs or other destinations such as Argentina, Chile or Peru, connect with St. Cloud State’s Education Abroad Office

Japanese in Japan

There are multiple options for you if you want to study Japanese abroad. You can attend Akita National University and take classes within Akita's School of Education and Human Studies. These include courses in education, regional studies, international language, cultural studies, environmental studies, and mathematical sciences and can be taken in English or Japanese depending on the courses. Or you can take classes at Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, or Daito Bunka University in Tokyo.

Chinese Cultural program

As a participant, you will be immersed in the culture of China. Experiences will include learning tours to historical and cultural sites of China, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, temples and hidden treasures of both urban and rural communities. While abroad, you will learn about the social/cultural aspects of Chinese society, the educational system, the economic dynamics of the country and the status of US/China relations in a globally interconnected world. You will also be given opportunities for learning functional Chinese through daily interactions with local people in the communities we visit.

Scholarship opportunities

There are various scholarships available through the Education Abroad Office.

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