Department of Information Systems


Students and faculty outside the 3M innovation center


The job market for Information Systems graduates is excellent, and will remain so for many years.

Generally, IS majors work as application programmers and systems analysts in the development of computer solutions to business problems. Many who choose to remain within information systems departments have been promoted to positions such as systems development manager, database administrator, telecommunications manager, information systems manager, and information systems planner. Some of St. Cloud State's graduates have been promoted to management as a result of their computer expertise and solid backgrounds in various functions.

A large number of firms come to St. Cloud State University on a regular basis to recruit graduates from the IS program. Some of those firms include: Banker's Systems, IBM, 3M, Cargill, Andersen Consulting, Target, Schwan's, Ernst & Young, State Farm Insurance, Federated Insurance, Hormel, and Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance.

Today, many IS alumni are managers in order processing, corporate planning, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and computer training or commodity trading.

Resources for job/internship preparation and employment at St. Cloud State University is provided through the Career Center.


The internship program is a unique educational opportunity that appeals to many IS majors. Its existence is evidence of St. Cloud State's close ties with the business community. This special program enables our students to work full time for one or more academic semesters with a business firm or a government agency.  Student gains practical experience in his or her area of study and receive academic credit in addition to a salary.

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