Department of Information Systems

Changsoo Sohn

Changsoo Sohn

Dr. Changsoo Sohn joined the IS Department in the Fall of 2000. Between 2003 and 2006, he served as associate dean of graduate school of Business Administration at The Catholic University of Korea. His main research interests are business analytics and e-service quality management. His research was published in many journals and conference proceedings. Also, he is a recipient of “Gopal Kanji Prize for Best Article of 2008.”


Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, Southern Illinois University, 2000

Master of Business Administration, Southern Illinois University, 1994

Bachelor of Business Administration, Seoul National University, Korea, 1990

Area of Teaching 

  • MBA 616 Information Systems Strategy and Management
  • IS 534 Introduction to Data Analytics
  • IS 485 Enterprise Systems
  • IS 451/551 Telecommunication and Networks
  • IS 340 Management Information Systems

Research Interests

Business Intelligence (Big data, Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Text Mining), Mobile CRM activities, Healthcare Information Systems.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

  • Sohn, C., & Yeo, Y. “Enablers for Patients to Adopt Web- Based Personal Health Records (PHR)”, International Journal of E-Adoption, 8(1), 1-12, 2016
  • Song, J. H., & Sohn, C. “IT-enabled Inter-Firm Governance Model To Manage Service Quality Level through Customers Feedback”, International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 9(2/3), 122-137, 2015
  • Sohn, C., Lee, D. I., & Lee, H., “The effects of mobile CRM activities on trust-based commitment”, International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 5(2), 130 – 152, 2011
  • Choi, J.W., Sohn, C., & Lee, H.J., “The Impact of Multi-dimensional Trust for Customer Satisfaction”, International Journal of Management Science, 16(2), 81-98, 2010
  • Choi, J. W., Sohn, C., and Lee, H. J, “The Role of Cue-based Trust for Trust building in e-Commerce”, The Journal of Society for e-Business Studies, n.14, i.2, May, 2009
  • Sohn, C. and Tadisina, S. K., “Development of e-service quality measure for internet-based financial institutions,” Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, pp. 903-918, v.19, n.9, 2008
    • [Selected as “Best Article for 2008” (Recipient of “Gopal Kanji Prize”)]
  • Lee, D. I., Sohn, C., and Lee, H., “The role of satisfaction and trust in mobile CRM activities,” International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, pp.101-119, v.2, n.2, 2008
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  • Sohn, C., “Integrated Model for Information Systems, Organizational Learning, and Competitive Advantage,” The Journal of Industry and Management, v. 11, pp. 239-252, Dec. 2003

Book Chapters

  • Sohn, C., “The Necessary Condition for the Evolution of On-line Markets,” On-line Markets Are Evolving, Edited by Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), Seoul, Korea, pp.75-92, 2006
  • Sohn, C. and Lee, D. I., “Internet Markets and E-Loyalty,” Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior, Edited by Yuan Gao, Idea Group Inc., pp. 282-288, 2004

Book Translation

  • Kim, K. and Sohn, C., The Era of Build-to-Order: Creating Values from Order to Delivery, Korean Language Edition, Gasan Books, 2006, translated from The Second Century: Reconnecting Customer and Value Chain through Build-to-Order by Holweg, M. and Pil, F. K., The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2004