Huskies in the High School (HHS)

Faculty Responsibilities

St. Cloud State faculty partners are expected to be engaged with their assigned Huskies in the High School teacher and Huskies in the High School courses. You will need the approval of your department/college to become a faculty partner.

Faculty partner responsibilities include:

  • Faculty partners must review and approved final syllabus for each course taught by their high school instructor. High school instructors will be prompted to submit a syllabus to their faculty partner prior to each course. High school instructors submit final approved copy to or via instructor D2L. Faculty partners can also forward the final approved copy to the program.
  • Faculty partners must facilitate (or approve) an annual discipline specific professional development activity with each high school instructor.
  • Faculty partner must complete one class observation (site visit) per instructor while the Huskies in the High School course is in session.
    • Faculty partners partnered with new high school instructors must complete a site visit during the high school instructor’s first year teaching through the program and/or first year teaching a new course (i.e. added a new level of math or language).
    • Faculty partners that are partnered with the same high school instructor with a site visit report on file from the previous year may continue site visits every other year.
  • Faculty partner & program hosts class visit at St. Cloud State University while SCSU semesters are in session (to ensure staffing and lunch opportunity for students).
    • This is optional for some disciplines and required of others. Each academic department determines campus visit requirements.
    • All campus visitors must abide by safety guidelines and mandates in place.
    • Campus visit requests may be submitted by either the high school instructor or faculty partner.
  • Faculty partners are responsible for ensuring that final grades are posted in e-services within 10 days of the last day of the high school course end date.

Forms for these requirements can be found on the Huskies in the High School Faculty Partner D2L Site.