Huskies in the High School (HHS)

Teacher Qualifications

Experienced and energetic teachers who want to be challenged and who want to challenge their students will find our concurrent enrollment program one of the most rewarding experiences of their career.

Great concurrent enrollment teachers are lifelong learners committed to staying current through reading, research and ongoing professional development.

They value participation in a vibrant community of learners.

We pair each high school teacher with an St. Cloud State faculty member who ensures that requirements, learning objectives and prerequisites are met. They are the faculty of record and your colleague/partner.

Application Deadline: April 1

Applications to begin teaching for a future academic year are accepted through April 1 of that year.

Applications to replace current concurrent enrollment instructors are accepted at any time, but instructors must be approved by the department faculty and complete course-specific training prior to teaching a course.


New high school instructors and instructors replacing current concurrent enrollment instructors are required to be approved by the St. Cloud State University academic department.

Generally speaking, the high school instructor must have:

  • A master's degree in the discipline they are teaching or a master's degree in another discipline plus 18 graduate credits in the discipline in which they are teaching
  • Experience teaching in the relevant subject
  • Experience teaching advanced courses and students
  • A valid Minnesota teaching license or state-approved alternative

Teachers who became instructors before Jan. 1, 2016 need to meet the same requirements by Aug. 2023.

Help with meeting qualifications

  • Pathway to 18: Concurrent Enrollment Credentialing
    • We have a new and improved site and one stop customer service center available to support concurrent enrollment instructors in finding the graduate courses they need across the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities system. This include help with an application, help to register, and help through the whole process.
    • Once course schedules are available at the seven universities, instructors can check the CECP Course List.
  • Instructors partnered with St. Cloud State University's concurrent enrollment program (Huskies in the High School, formerly Senior to Sophomore) should reach out to the program director about tuition benefits of our partnered instructors.
  • These programs may help teachers finance graduate degrees/credits



Maria Wright

Executive Director of Undergraduate Recruitment & Access