Healthy Huskies

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is learning money management skills to successfully make financial decisions, planning for current needs and working toward future goals. Improving financial wellness can lead to many positive effects in the other dimensions of well-being. Studies show that increasing financial wellness leads to improved academic performance, decreased financial stress, and improved overall physical and mental health.  

 Ways to increase Financial Wellness

  • Create a budget
  • Track your expenses
  • Automate bill payments and transfers
  • Stay on top of scholarship opportunities
  • Start building your credit score
  • Have an emergency fund
  • Buy used whenever possible
  • Differentiate needs from wants
  • Attend financial literacy workshops
  • Talk to the financial aid office about potential aid options 
  • Review the Huskies Basic Needs Resources webpage 
  • Utilize the Huskies Food Pantry 
  • Research about health insurance and how it works
  • Use your student ID card for the Free Metro Ride
  • Apply for Huskies Scholarships 

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