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Responsible Drinking

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Being a good neighbor is a Husky tradition.

It is important to remember you are not only a member of the St. Cloud State University community, but also the St. Cloud community. Your behavior reflects on you and the school.

Whether you choose to host a party or attend a gathering or spend time with friends in a local bar or restaurant, university policies on conduct apply.

Alcohol Safety & COVID-19

Drinking while partying can feel like a rite of passage, an opportunity to hang out with friends, meet new people or destress. At St. Cloud State University, 40% of students choose not to drink. If students do drink, they have about three drinks per week. As much as we wish we could have a normal campus experience, the reality is that hosting or attending large social gatherings and parties will jeopardize our ability to maintain an in-person campus environment.

If you choose to drink and party, keep these things in mind.

Keep Your Group Small

Protect The Pack

Have a Plan

Set a Limit & Stick to It

Take Care of Your Friends

Consent & Drinking

If you're the partygoer

Before the party

During the party

After the party

If you're the party thrower

As the host, it is your responsibility to look out for the safety of your guests. While you may not be able to monitor every guest's drinking, you can limit the negative outcomes and still have a fun and safe party.

Before the party

During the party

After the party

Conduct on and off campus

St. Cloud State University Code of Conduct

St. Cloud Ordinances and Policies

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