Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.S.)

What to Expect


Cohort Model

The I-O Psychology program follows a cohort model. That means your, class-work, thesis and/or practicum experiences will be largely shared with classmates who are admitted into the program at the same time as you. Because of this cohort system, students are only accepted for fall semesters.

In this program, you will enroll in three-four classes per semester, and the program of courses is mapped out so that you will fulfill your classroom graduation requirements in two years — four full semesters.

In addition to class work, you are required to fulfill either a practicum (work experience) or thesis (research project) requirement in your final semester(s) of enrollment.


For more information regarding course descriptions, visit the Course Descriptions.

Thesis and Practicum

I-O Psychology students either complete a thesis or submit a portfolio. Most students also complete a practicum or internship. 

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