Facilities Management

Facility Planning & Construction

Facilities Management staff continually evaluate the condition and needs of the nearly 50 buildings on the St. Cloud State University campus. When major repairs are needed, such as roofing or window replacements, or when buildings are renovated, we work with department staff to ensure that we continue to provide an exceptional learning environment for our students. We also work to confirm that space in our facilities is being used efficiently and appropriately.

The Comprehensive Facilities Plan outlines the University’s strategic plan for facilities and infrastructure requirements, renovations, and construction. The plan is updated on a 5-year cycle and draws upon a host of sources including the University Strategic Plan, academic plans, enrollment trends, and departmental comprehensive plans for areas such as residential life and information technology. The plan outlines which facilities are central to University success and should be invested in or replaced, and which are excess to requirements. As a vision for the future, the plan is developed with an all-funds approach and with optimism for future growth and resource availability.

The Wayfinding Plan established University-wide standards for interior and exterior signage. The plan is being implemented incrementally. Departments desiring to have their office signs updated sooner may submit a service request and cite the departmental funding source for the work.

Campus Comprehensive Facilities Plan documents:

Signage & Wayfinding Plan documents:

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