Interfaith Calendar

Religious observances allow the university to reflect on and practice the values that we as a campus community openly espouse, including sensitivity and respect for all cultures and religions. We are a community that embraces our diversity and encourages the celebration of multicultural traditions.

This resource includes dates, descriptions and information about some of the many religious holy days celebrated by faculty, staff and students at St. Cloud State. Also included with many are recommended accommodations to assist with planning classroom activities and other academic and co-curricular events.

January 2023

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Gantan-sai (Shinto) - January 1, 2023

Description: Gantan-sai is the annual New Year festival of the Shinto religion.

General Practices: Practitioners pray for inner renewal, prosperity and health, as well as visiting shrines and visiting friends and family.

Recommended Accommodations: Avoid scheduling important academic deadlines, events and activities on this date (work holiday).

Future Dates:

January 1 (annually)

Epiphany / Twelfth Night / Three Kings Day (Christian / Roman Catholic and Protestant) - January 6, 2023

Description: This date is also known as Befana Day; commemorates the revelation of God through Jesus Christ and marks the time the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem and presented gifts to the baby Jesus.

General Practices: Prayer, festive meals, offerings, gifts.

Future Dates:

January 6 (annually)

Christmas (Eastern Orthodox Christian) - January 7, 2023

Description: Christmas is an annual celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah whose message and self-sacrifice began the Christian religion.

General Practices: Many celebrate this holiday by attending church services, holding celebratory meals and visiting family.

Date details: Eastern Orthodox Christmas is determined by the Julian calendar which regulates ceremonial cycle of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches.

Recommended Accommodations: Because this holiday typically falls during winter break, academic accommodations may not be required. However many Eastern Orthodox employees will probably request this day off.

Future Dates:

Determined by the Julian calendar

January 7 (annually)

Chinese New Year (Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist) - January 21-27, 2023

Description: This is the most important of traditional Chinese holidays.

General Practices: Families gather together to spend the evening preparing boiled dumplings and festive meals and giving of money to children in red envelopes.

Date details: Corresponds to the New Moon in Aquarius, which can fall from late January to mid-February.

Recommended Accommodations: Avoid scheduling important academic deadlines, events, and activities on this date. Many Chinese employees will probably request this day off.

Future Dates:

February 9-15, 2024

January 28-February 3, 2025

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