Bring Huskies Home

Bring Huskies Home

Bring Huskies Home - The Full Husky Experience Fall 2021

We're excited to welcome all Huskies back to campus for the start of the Spring 2022 semester!  As we start the semester, we want to remind students of the safety measures we have in place to help keep campus safe in light of the continuing challenge of COVID-19.  We have the tools to help protect our pack from the coronavirus, and we're asking everyone on campus to do their part to help keep Huskies safe.

We strongly encourage students who are returning to campus to get tested for COVID-19 prior to coming to campus.  This will help us to ensure that we can take the appropriate measures to assist students who may have COVID-19 and may not be aware of it, and to protect everyone on campus in the event that a returning student may have a case of the virus.

For those students who can't get a COVID test prior to returning to campus, we ask that they test as soon as possible after their return. Stay connected via your Huskynet e-mail to learn more about walk-in testing events and vaccination clinics. There are multiple options for testing in the community. Minnesota residents can also order an at-home COVID test (hyperlink: COVID-19 Testing - Minnesota Dept. of Health (

We are also taking several measures to ensure a safe campus community:

  • We will continue to have a mask mandate in place while indoors on campus until further notice.
  • For the first week of classes, student clubs and organizations can choose to limit in-person meetings and facilitate remote meeting options at their discretion.
  • As we transition back to campus, in-person events will still require submission of an event safety plan.
  • Students feeling any symptoms are encouraged to stay home and in residence halls to rest up and contact the SCSU Medical Clinic for further guidance.
  • We strongly encourage all students to get vaccinated, and to get a booster shot once eligible for one.  Vaccination is one of the best methods to protect against serious illness from the virus and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Residential students and students who are in certain extracurricular groups, who have not attested to being fully vaccinated are required to test regularly for COVID.

It's important to remember that while Omicron is a concern, we are in a very different and safer place than we were even a year ago with the COVID outbreak and variants.  We have a masking mandate, vaccines are widely available, cleaning protocols are in place, and we are continuing to actively monitor the rates of transmission, with regular consultations with the Minnesota Department of Health. We are ready to pivot with additional mitigation measures should it become necessary.  Our goal at St. Cloud State University is to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff as students work to meet their educational goals.  With your help to protect the Husky pack, we can reach that goal together.


We wish all of you a great spring semester. Go Huskies!

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