Department of Criminal Justice Studies


Student taking photo of crime scene

Criminal Justice students have interned at almost 100 sites at city, county, state and federal agencies, nonprofit agencies, and for profit agencies in law enforcement, corrections/re-entry, pre-law, and victim services. Students are not placed in internships, they must find the agency where they would like to intern.

Undergraduate Students – CJS 444 Internship:

  • Criminal Justice students in Corrections & Reentry, Public and Private Safety, and Victim Services are required to complete at least a three-credit internship, but may complete an internship for up to 16 credits. 
  • Minimum requirements to intern is completion of and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the following courses: CJS 111, CJS 411 and CJS 433.

Graduate Students – CJS 644 Practicum:

  • Graduate students should work with their faculty advisor to determine practicum requirements.

Visit the School of Public Affairs Internship webpage for additional requirements and information.

For internship questions, contact Kristy Modrow, Student Relations and Experiential Learning Director.

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