Department of Criminal Justice Studies


We’ve managed undergraduate internships through more than 130 sites in Minnesota, but Internship candidates must find the agency where they want to intern.

The CJS Department does not assign or locate internships, but CJS faculty can assist students with internship contacts. The first step is to apply. 

Academic credits are earned only for experiences that have a theoretical relationship to criminal justice. They are elective and range from 1 to 16.

The student should meet with the assigned internship (CJS 444) faculty member before the semester they wish to enroll. The student will be given information about the paperwork and other requirements needed before enrollment in CJS 444, such as a letter requesting the internship and the Internship Waiver form, as well as the responsibilities of the intern during the internship such as a journal and monograph.

During the internship, the faculty member visits the site and evaluates the intern in several areas.

For credit to be earned, the student must successfully complete the required internship hours and prepare, submit and defend a monograph to the faculty member that demonstrates the knowledge they gained is related to criminal justice. The final grade is submitted after receipt of the evaluation letter from the supervisor and the approval of the monograph.

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