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B.A. in Criminal Justice Studies

Minor in Criminal Justice Studies
To add the CJS minor to your program of study, please email to express your interest to add the minor. 

Peace Officer Licensure Training
View additional requirements for students wishing to become licensed peace officers in Minnesota. Coursework may be counted towards student's 120-credit bachelor degree. 

Pre-law Advising


M.S. in Criminal Justice Studies

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

As society continues to request a highly educated criminal justice professional, along with many organizations looking for tomorrow's leaders, a B.A. in Criminal Justice will equip future leaders with a solid, irreplaceable tool in their professional portfolio. 

The Credit for Prior Learning Program is an opportunity for professionals in criminal justice fields to use their experience to acquire credits toward the completion of the B.A. in Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State. Using their working knowledge, working professionals may draw upon their experience to complete a comprehensive exam and earn up to 21 credits out of a 60-credit transition. 

Contact Professor Mario L. Hesse for more information. 



1. What is the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Program?

2. Can I use work experience towards a bachelor’s degree?

3. Am I considered a working criminal justice practitioner?

4. How do I receive credits for my experience?

5. When will I receive my credits?

6. Will I have to pay for the credits that I am looking to gain?

7. What is the best way to demonstrate my experience deserves credits for individual courses?

8. What costs will this program look to save me in the long run?

9. How will I know what credits I have earned for the program?

10. What if I am denied credits that I have attempted to gain credit for?

11. Is there a cost for the CPL comprehensive exam?

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