Judy C. Pearson Department of Communication Studies

Mollie Young Outstanding Internship Award

Mollie Young, a 1981 graduate of the Communication Studies Department, has provided a gift up to $1,000 to be awarded each spring to interns in the Department of Communication Studies who have exhibited excellence in applied learning in the professional area. Any student who has completed an internship in Communication Studies is eligible to apply.

“My internship experience was phenomenal,” Young said. “The challenges of learning the new business practices and developing valuable business contacts gave me a jumpstart on building a successful career!”                                                 

Young and her partner, Bridget Levin, co-founded Nametag International, Inc., an internationally recognized identity-marketing firm based in Minneapolis.  The company names products and researches and develops innovative, strategic consumer-driven trademarks.  Clients include AT&T, Revlon, McDonald’s, and Frito Lay.  Mollie identifies her internship experience and her Communication Studies degree as key elements in her professional success. 

How to apply

During the semester of your internship, you must notify the Communication Studies Internship Director in writing of your intent to apply. Within three weeks following the end of your internship semester, you must submit to the award committee a:

  • Formal letter of application explaining why the internship merits consideration for the award, noting both major accomplishments in the job assignment and major accomplishments in applying communication knowledge.
  • Other documentation which you can submit to support your application could be letters from your supervisor, staff, or coworkers.

In addition, the Internship Director will give the award committee a:

  • Report of your timely fulfillment of general internship academic responsibilities;
  • Copy of your initial learning agreement, final report, portfolio, and supervisor’s completion memo.

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