Department of Communication Studies



Communication Studies

Provides a solid foundation in the study of communication, with an area of emphasis, allowing students to pursue a particular area of interest within the discipline.

Emphasis Areas

  • Relational: Students study communication in the personal, social and professional relationships that are the building blocks of our lives.
  • Intercultural: The Intercultural Emphasis is designed to prepare students to work and communicate effectively in our culturally diverse and increasingly interdependent world.
  • Persuasion and Advocacy: Teaches core communication concepts and skills related to social influence and advocacy.
  • Leadership and Organizational Communication: The Leadership and Organizational Communication Emphasis focuses on communication in the workplace.
  • Comprehensive: Explores the many dimensions of communication across a variety of contexts, and will develop skills in both presentation and relational communication.

Communication Arts and Literature

Meets certification requirements of teachers of Communication Arts and Literature.  


This major complements many different major programs of study and is intended for students who desire a double major and who have filed a major in another department.


The major combines a Communication Studies core with an elective program drawn from at least two other departments.