Academic Learning Center (ALC)



The Academic Learning Center offers two courses designed to improve your reading comprehension and study skills. The tips and techniques learned will be valuable in your college and your professional career.

COLL 110 and COLL 120 are available in a classroom setting and online.

COLL 110, Reading and Study Strategies

 This course helps students:

  • Identify study strategies that suit the way they learn best.
  • Learn how to take better notes.
  • Read academic textbooks more efficiently.
  • Learn effective test-taking strategies.
  • Develop methods for decreasing procrastination.

COLL 120, Power Reading

COLL 120 is required for some St. Cloud State University students. Check our Course Placement Testing Policy.

This course helps students:

  • Increase reading rate.
  • Increase reading comprehension.
  • Improve vocabulary.
  • Learn to read critically.
  • Learn effective strategies for reading academic textbooks

COLL 110 students say:

“Reading 110 has helped me figure out what is needed to be a good student at SCSU.”

“I take more care/pride in my work than I did before; I know how to manage my time better, decrease my test anxiety, study better and more efficiently, and also I feel more motivated. I have learned how to improve all of those and applied all of them to not only my school work but also my personal life.”

COLL 120 students say:

“I really liked this class because it helped me learn more vocabulary and helped me with my studying habits.”

“The reading strategies were very helpful to use in all my other classes and textbooks, and I'm sure I will use them for the rest of my college career. “