Colleges and Schools

Miller Center atrium

Our organizational structure

St. Cloud State University is divided into six colleges and schools. By organizing our academic programs this way, we're able to create more nimble academic units that respond quickly to changing needs within the marketplace so that we can offer our students the most relevant and useful courses of study.

In addition to promoting collaborative research and outreach, this approach allows us to provide our students with a more rigorous, integrated and engaged experience. Our students have the opportunity to work closely with experienced professors and participate in real-world research projects that directly relate to their course of study.

Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts offers major and minor programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences, as well as professional and graduate programs in 13 departments.


The nationally-accredited Herberger Business School is one of only seven accredited business colleges in Minnesota. It includes eight major courses of study, as well as a Master of Business Administration program.

Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs prepares students for careers in the fields of planning and community development, criminal justice, economics and political science.

Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering provides learning and research opportunities for students interested in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and more.


The College of Education and Learning Design prepares high-quality teachers, administrators, counselors, scholars and other school and community professionals, and includes a doctoral program in higher education administration.

Health & Human Services

The School of Health and Human Services educates students to be nurses, sports scientists, social workers, lab technicians, gerontologists, speech pathologists, counselors, teachers and more.