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If you're ready to sing, act, play, perform, draw, create, train, dance, sculpt, compose, paint, direct, design or build, we're here to facilitate your creative and artistic growth through one of our many major and minor programs.

As the only university in Minnesota to have the distinction of national accreditations in its art, theatre and music programs, we are committed to excellence from our faculty and students in the visual, performing and digital arts.

If you are interested in developing your artistic pursuits further and want to know more, we encourage you to learn about all of the exciting opportunities we have to offer.

School of the Arts Feature: Tristan Perich's Machine Drawing

Tristan Perich’s Machine Drawing is a live installation that develops over time. This pen on wall drawing is executed by a custom-built machine which uses randomness and order as raw materials within a composition. The piece was installed on March 18, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. The final image con the wall will not be fully known until the end of the installation. May 15, 2015, the custom-built machine, which uses code to direct the pen, will be removed: the image will then ‘live on’ as is.


Located in the Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility lobby

Click here for more information about the drawing.