The Write Place

Faculty Resources

Our work does not replace the teaching of writing in the classroom. We supplement and support classroom instruction. We are an alternative learning site that encourages student independence and assists the writer's progress.

Most importantly, we value student ownership of student work.

Tim Fountaine, director of the Write Place, is available to faculty for consultation on how to develop writing assignments, respond to student writing and assess student writing as part of a curriculum or classwork.

We also are available as consultants on faculty members' writing projects.

We work with students at all stages in the writing process.

Our consultants provide an early audience for student-writers. We model the writing process and alert writers to possible gaps, inconsistencies, areas of confusion in a particular piece of writing by asking the kinds of questions we know writers need to learn to ask themselves. Our questions also signal points where ideas, language and style are working effectively and convincingly.

Our approach is process-based and holistic.

Our questions and responses depend on a student's drafting progress. We focus on brainstorming, developing order and logic, enriching arguments with research and with counter-arguments with students with an early draft. For those with more developed work we are more likely to focus on incorporating quotations, citation styles, word choice and clarity, and issues of editing.

Students can make as-needed appointments or arrange for a weekly session with a specific consultant.

Tours, presentations and workshops

Contact Tim Fountaine or The Write Place by email before or early in the semester to make arrangements.

Tours for classes of less than 25

In the first three to four weeks of each semester, we invite faculty to make an appointment to bring their classes into the Write Place main location (Ruby Cora Webster Hall, Room 117). We provide a 15-30 minute tour, a brief history of the center and information about consultant backgrounds, our tutoring approach, and our services. We distribute bookmarks containing our website address, phone number and business hours.

In-class service overviews for 25+ classes

Our in-class presentations take 10-20 minutes. We provide bookmarks with our contact information and, if requested, handouts on specific writing issues.