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Appointment Information

First Steps

To make appointments and to meet with your writing coach, you will need access to our scheduling software, WCOnline.

Registering for an account is easy. Please follow these steps:

  1. Type into your web browser to find the WCOnline login page.
  2. Select “Register for an Account,” enter the relevant profile information, and select “Complete Registration” to save your account. Make sure to enter your SCSU email address (the one that ends with and NOT the login information which is the one that begins with your Star ID and ends with
  3. With that, your account is created. You can now go back to the login page ( and log in to use the scheduling software.
  4. Bookmark the login page so that you can find it quickly.

Scheduling Appointments

Once you have registered for a WCOnline account, you can schedule appointments, and when necessary, make adjustments to your appointments (such as changing the length of a scheduled session, or canceling a session that you no longer need).

Here’s how the WCOnline scheduling software works:

  1. When you log in to WCOnline, you will see today’s schedule at the top of the page. If you are planning ahead, you can use the calendar icon toward the top of the page to open the schedule to a specific date.
  2. The white cells indicate blocks of time when writing coaches are available for coaching sessions. Each of the white cells represents 15 minutes.
  3. Coaching sessions can range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Thus, 2 cells equal 30 minutes, 3 cells equal 45 minutes, etc. If you are interested in scheduling a one-hour appointment, for example, you would need to find 4 white cells side-by-side.
  4. Click on a white cell that corresponds with the timeslot when you’d like to meet with a writing coach. A window will open. Enter the relevant information and select “Create Appointment” to save and complete the process. The window will close and the white cells corresponding with your appointment will be color-coded in orange.
  5. You’re all set. A coaching session is now on the schedule.

Canceling Appointments

If your plans change and you no longer intend to meet with a coach, please cancel the appointment so that other students can schedule appointments during the timeslot that had been reserved for you. We thank you for this consideration.

To cancel an appointment, log in to WCOnline, select the date and orange color-coded cell that corresponds with your reservation. Click on the orange cell. A “View Existing Appointment” window will open. Select “Cancel Appointment” (red box, lower right side) to complete the cancelation process. Or, if you prefer, you can call the reception desk at 320-308-2031 (between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm), and speak with a staff member who will cancel the session for you.

Note to English 190 students: Attending weekly coaching sessions is required, so be sure to schedule a make-up session during that same week if, for some reason, you cannot meet at your usual day and time.

What to Do to Begin Your Online Coaching Session

When the time has arrived to meet with your coach and begin your coaching session, you should:

  1. Log in to WCOnline (
  2. Find and select the orange color-coded cell that corresponds with your appointment. A “View Existing Appointment” window will open. Click on the “Start or Join Online Consultation” hyperlink (in red letters), which will launch the chatroom window. Your coach will follow the same steps and meet you in the chatroom.

The WCOnline chatroom provides a virtual space in which you and your coach can communicate through text-based messages. The chatroom has a space (left side) in which you can paste the paper that you’re working on so that you and your coach can see it and interface collaboratively. If you would like to conduct your coaching session virtually face-to-face using cameras and microphones, let your coach know at the start of the session. Depending on the stability of the broadband signal connecting you to each other, Zoom or WCOnline’s camera features may be good options.

Other Questions?

Please call the Write Place reception desk (320-308-2031) during open hours.

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