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Transfer Pathway: Social Work B.S.

Transfer Pathways allow you to complete your Transfer Pathway degree at a Minnesota State Community College and transfer to St. Cloud State University without losing credits or taking extra courses. You are guaranteed junior status and given assurance that all 60 of your credits will count toward the related bachelor’s degree.

After you are admitted to St. Cloud State University, you will complete 60 credits to earn your bachelor’s degree. For more information about how St. Cloud State can support your transfer, connect with a member of our Transfer Team.

Year Three

3rd Year/Fall Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
SW 330 Human Interaction in Social Systems 3
SW 340 Fundamentals of Generalist Practice 3
SW 345 Cross-Cultural Practice 3
Semester Credits Total 9

Notes: Cohort 1 (this is first semester before admission into the Major)

Students must complete these pre-professional classes prior to taking these courses. Democratic Citizenship (SW 195), Intro to Social Work (SW216), Human Biology (Bio 103), Non-Oppressive Relationships (HURL 201), Understanding Oppression (HURL 201), Dev. Psych (Psyc 240) or Human Growth & Dev. (CPSY 262), Principles of Soc (Soc 160), and Statistics (STATs 193).

Application for Admission into the Major is REQUIED during this semester

3rd Year/Spring Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
SW 350 Social Work Research Methods 3
SW 360 Social Welfare Policy 3
SW 410 Practice with Individuals/Families 3
Semester Credits Total 9

Notes: Cohort 2

Completion of Cohort 1 is Required before taking these courses.

Admission to Social Work Major is REQUIRED

Year Four

4th Year/Fall Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
SW 411 Practice with Families and Groups 3
SW 412 Practice with Organization/Community 3
SW 442 Professional Development 3
Semester Credits Total 9

Notes: Cohort 3

Successful Completion of cohort 2 is required

4th Year/Spring Semester
Course No. Course Name Credits
SW 444 Internship in Social Work 12
SW 445 PSY elective or minor 3
Semester Credits Total 15


Updated: 10/4/2021

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