Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Online Teaching

Teaching online has become more and more common. Below are several resources that can help you with this transition. 

ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit
To support instructors needing to make a quick transition to utilizing an online environment, the Association of Colleges and University Educators is offering resources and recommendations that can be immediately put to use by instructors, to benefit both faculty and their students. This is a free resource. 

Self-Review of Online Teaching Guide(PDF)
In 1987, Arthur Chickering and Zelda Gamson published "Seven Principals for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education," a summary of 50 years of higher education research that addressed good teaching and learning practices. Their findings, and faculty and instructional evaluation based on the findings, have been widely used to guide and improve college teaching, not only at the undergraduate level but the graduate level as well. 

Rutgers Remote Exams and Assessments
Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences tips for remote exams and alternative assessments.

Alternatives to Traditional Testing
A variety of alternatives to testing; briefing, anthology, poster sessions, op-ed and more.