Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Membership structure and terms defined:


Lisa Helmin Foss

Vice President for Planning and Engagement and Chief Strategy Officer

Kristian Twombly


Appointment by Position

AVP for Financial Management and Budget

Jeff Wagner (interim)

Asst. Provost for Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Student Transition

Amber Schultz

Asst. Provost for University College

Glenn Davis (interim)


Debra Leigh

Chair of Liberal Education Committee

Jamie Heiman

Administrative Director of Advising

Elizabeth Kalinowski Ohrt

Director of Assessment

David Switzer

Director of CETL

Steve Hoover (interim)

FA President

Tom Hergert

FA Vice President

Mark Jaede

Minnesota State Administrators

Dean, School of Public Affairs

King Banaian

Dean, School of Health & Human Services

Shonda Craft

Director of Multicultural Student Services

Ahmad Shahzad

Assoc Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

Latha Ramakrishnan (interim)

Faculty Representatives

College of Liberal Arts

Ajaykumar Panicker (2018)
Tracy Ore (2020)

School of the Arts

Kristian Twombly (2020)

School of Education

Kathy Johnson (2019)

Herberger Business School

Alexander Polacco (2019)

School of Public Affairs

Dick Andzenge (2020)

College of Science and Engineering

Kevin Haglin (2020)

School of Computing, Engineering and Environment

Mark Petzold (2020)

School of Health and Human Services

Laura Finch (2019)

Special Services

Jennifer Quinlan (2020)

Bargaining Unit Representatives


Michele Braun-Heurung (2018)
Angela Wortham (2020)


Mark Bromenschenkel (2020)
Carol Rose (2018)


Joe Franklin (2018)
vacant (2018)


Angie Witte (2018)
Christine Metzo (2019)

Student Life and Development

Jane Olsen (2018)
John Eggers (2017)

Student Representatives

John Becicka

Jack O’Neil-Como

Kayla Shelley