Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee Charge and Structure

Strategic Planning Committee approved: April 28, 2011

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to provide recommendations to the SCSU President regarding:

  • strategic direction and priorities (Strategic Action Plan) of St. Cloud State University
  • objectives and goals, including standards and criteria, to measure progress toward achieving the Strategic Action Plan
  • identification of new challenges or opportunities based on regular assessments of the internal and external environments
  • identification of emergent strategic issues that are not currently addressed
  • revisions and updates to the Plan at regular intervals and as new opportunities present themselves
  • continuing structural and operational re-alignment to support the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan
  • alignment of operational and unit plans with SCSU's Strategic Action Plan
  • alignment of proposed budget priorities with SCSU’s Strategic Action Plan prior to implementation
  • investment priorities from a university-wide strategic initiative fund
  • conforming of budgeting and other resource allocation decisions with the SCSU Strategic Action Plan to ensure those decisions serve the strategic direction of the University
  • strategies to ensure SCSU’s continuing role as a leading institution in the system
In order to achieve these purposes, the SPC:
  • ensures ongoing campus consultation during the development, implementation and updating of the Strategic Action Plan and operational and unit plans
  • monitors and reports on the outcomes and goals of SCSU's strategic and operational plans
  • completes active and ongoing review of SCSU's environment for opportunities and challenges
  • reviews operational and unit plans and consults on their development
  • provides annual reports to the University on implementation of the Strategic Action Plan, including outcomes and resource allocation to support the Strategic Action Plan serves as a resource for units developing their own strategic plans
  • serves as a resource to student fee driven committees on the University's strategic plan as it relates to student fee funded areas
  • communicates regularly with campus about implementation of the Strategic Action Plan
  • regularly receives, collects and reviews data on university budget and resource allocations
  • provides leadership in creating and implementing a robust system of integrating resource allocation and strategic planning

Committee Structure

The Strategic Planning Committee will use a standing sub-committee structure to fulfill elements of its charge. The SPC sub-committees will make recommendations to the full Strategic Planning Committee for their discussion and action. By approval of the SPC, non-members of the Strategic Planning Committee may serve on the sub-committees based on specific expertise or as appropriately appointed bargaining unit representatives. Sub-committees will operate under a structure of majority vote. All sub-committee members will be voting members. The full Strategic Planning Committee will meet bi-weekly, and standing sub-committees may meet on non-SPC meeting weeks. SPC standing sub-committees include:

  • External/environmental Review
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Planning Integration
  • Resource Allocation and Budget
  • Academic Liaison
  • Communications

Additional standing sub-committees may be identified as necessary, with the possibility of ad-hoc sub-committees as needed.