Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

How To

Step 1

Have your high school send us an official copy of your transcript. Transfer students will need transcripts from the previous college(s) they attended.

Step 2

Send us your ACT or SAT scores.
Our ACT CODE is 2144;
Our SAT CODE is 6679.

Step 3

Complete and submit an official application along with a $20 application fee.

How to Apply: The Basics

Whether you're planning to attend college for the first time or considering transferring from another college or university, we're excited that you're considering St. Cloud State. If you are ready to explore your passions, challenge yourself and take advantage of an exemplary education, we invite you to apply for admission.

To apply, complete an online application or download and complete a paper application and return it by mail by the appropriate deadline. Make sure to familiarize yourself with our deadlines in order to guarantee consideration, and remember that it's always best to apply early.


Transfer Students

Looking to finish the college education you've already started by transferring to St. Cloud State?

What we look for

We admit students based on a thorough evaluation of each candidate. In our evaluation, we consider GPA, high school rank, test scores, curriculum and other academic indicators. The students we admit have a good academic record and , while standardized test scores are very important, we pay more attention to overall academic performance. Extra-curricular activities may also be considered, and personal statements and recommendations, which are optional, may be considered if you opt to submit them.

Recommended College Preparation Standards:

  • English: 4 years.
  • Mathematics: 3 years. Requires two years of algebra and one year of geometry.
  • Science: 3 years. At least one course must be in a biological science and one in physical science. All courses should include laboratory experiences. Examples of appropriate courses are anatomy and physiology, biology, botany, zoology, astronomy, earth science, chemistry, physics, physical science and geology.
  • Social Studies: 3 years. At least one course or its equivalent in US history and one in geography are required.
  • World Language: 2 years of the same language. Any language, including American Sign Language (ASL) is acceptable.
  • World Culture or The Arts: 1 year. World Culture courses are non-language courses which teach about other cultures, provide a global perspective, and foster an understanding of other cultures. Appropriate art courses include music, drama, survey, and visual arts courses.

Application Deadlines

International Undergraduate
Applications Deadlines

Deadlines for best consideration

July 1
If you are OUTSIDE the U.S.
July 15
If you are INSIDE the U.S.
Oct. 1
If you are OUTSIDE the U.S.
Nov. 1
If you are INSIDE the U.S.
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Domestic Student Application Timelines

New, first year students and transfer students may enroll at the beginning of any term. Applications are accepted and acted upon until the enrollment class is full.

Sept. 15
Applications open for review
March 1
Students admitted prior to March 1 will automatically be considered for academic scholarship awards. If eligible, they will be notified in their acceptance letter and will receive a Presidential Scholarship contract in the mail. This contract should be returned by May 1
March 15
Transfer student preferred admission deadline
March 15
Foundation-Sponsored scholarships deadline
May 1
Preferred admission deadline
Applications open for review
Jan. 7
Preferred admission deadline
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