Science Express



Science Express 53-foot long trailer that features six to eight work stations accommodating up to 36 students in its 350-square-foot laboratory.

It also offers a 160-square-foot conference area and two 42-inch plasma screens.

Grades 3-6 Outreach

The trailer offers a hands-on experience with technology such as oscilloscopes and pipettors.  We operate October to December and late March until early May.

Sample activities

  • Explore basic chemistry concepts including reactions, acid-base, color change and precipitation.
  • Investigate infra-red signal patterns from a remote control.
  • Investigate sound waves of different instruments.
  • Study the tiny volumes associated with molecular biology.
  • Practice basic skills needed in molecular biology work.

Grades 5-12 Lending

Science Express' equipment lending program for students in grades 5-12 is being reassessed. Watch for changes in 2018.

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