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Protect the Pack: Campus Safety

Neighborhood Safety

SCSU and Community Engagement

On-going and active engagement with the St. Cloud Police Department (SCPD) and city officials. President Wacker and Mayor Kleis hold monthly meetings to stay informed of pressing issues or concerns.

SCSU participates in the Landlord Taskforce meetings with neighborhood landlords and the St. Cloud Police Department.

Held a Protect the Pack Partnership Walk with University leadership, the SCPD and community partners to connect with students residing off campus. This community engagement is designed to bring University leaders into the community to meet with students and residents, to listen to concerns and create a dialogue, and to develop meaningful relationships for the safety and security of residents and neighborhoods.

SCSU is represented on the Greater St Cloud Public Safety Foundation.

SCSU Safety Actions

SCSU significantly increased investment in surveillance cameras, including a mobile camera trailer to boost camera coverage capabilities.

Public Safety escorts are available for athletic competition buses returning to campus at night.

Public Safety is providing increased patrols and a uniformed security presence in Halenbeck Hall and the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center in response to incidents in the neighborhoods on the south side of campus.

St. Cloud State University Public Safety routinely monitors areas near campus for safety concerns that could impact the campus, SCSU employees, or students. Public Safety works in close cooperation with the St. Cloud Police Department and the City of St. Cloud to notify them of such concerns when they are observed.

Off-Campus Safety Actions

St. Cloud Police Department uses a data driven approach to focus police resources where they are most needed.

St. Cloud Police Department continues to build on an active Landlord Task Force to combine resources and identify problem locations and work to implement effective solutions. SCSU is increasing its engagement with this group.

The department has increased patrolling in the southside neighborhood including plain clothes and undercover officers. It recently conducted two “Safe Streets” neighborhood sweeps that included other local law enforcement agencies, and resulted in a significant number of traffic stops, arrests, traffic citations, and confiscation of drugs and weapons.

Uniformed St. Cloud Police Department officers continue working security at SCSU events.

The St. Cloud Police Department continues to work in collaboration with SCSU Public Safety to provide an effective and coordinated response to public safety issues on campus.

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