Radiologic Technology

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a waiting list?

Should I take my general education (i.e., liberal education) courses first and try to get them "out of the way"?

I am not a St. Cloud State student and I am interested in majoring in Radiologic Technology at St. Cloud State. What should I do?

I am currently a St. Cloud State student and I would like to be in the Radiologic Technology Program. What should I do?

If I am a student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, does that change anything about the admissions process?

Does being in the program guarantee admission into a clinical internship?

Can I do my clinical internship at any hospital?

What if I don't get a clinical internship?

What is job shadowing and is it required?

Where can I do job shadowing in St. Cloud?

Where can I do job shadowing outside of St. Cloud?

What should I do while I am waiting to do the job shadowing?

Do I really need PHIL212 and can I take it somewhere else?

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