Radiologic Technology

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a waiting list?

No, we do not have a waiting list to get into the program. However, obtaining a hospital internship (required in order to complete the program and graduate) is competitive and is not guaranteed.

Should I take my general education (i.e., liberal education) courses first and try to get them "out of the way"?

No. It is not helpful to do this. The math and physics courses needed for this major take two calendar years to complete. By focusing on general education courses, you increase the total time required. For example, if you avoid math and physics and take all your general education courses in two years, then even if things go well from then on, you will need four more years to graduate (six years total). Getting general education courses "out of the way" is not a good use of your time as a student.

I am not a St. Cloud State student and I am interested in majoring in Radiologic Technology at St. Cloud State. What should I do?

To become a student, the first step is to apply for admission to St. Cloud State.  Please contact the admissions office.  Once you are accepted, you should sign up for a freshman advising day or a transfer advising day, as appropriate. Advising help is available on advising days. Next, you should indicate that you would like your major to be "Radiologic Technology." Then, follow the steps outlined in the next question below.

I am currently a St. Cloud State student and I would like to be in the Radiologic Technology Program. What should I do?

The first step is to change your major to Radiologic Technology, if you have not already done so. The second step is to see a Radiologic Technology academic adviser.  If you don’t have one already, please see Advising & Student Transitions and ask them to assign you an academic adviser. The academic adviser will help you decide what classes to take. Then, continue taking classes at St. Cloud State and complete the requirements for the program.  Being in the program does not guarantee admission to a clinical internship (which is required for the major).

If I am a student at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, does that change anything about the admissions process?

The procedure for you is the same as for any transfer student. Please follow the steps outlined above.

Does being in the program guarantee admission into a clinical internship?


Can I do my clinical internship at any hospital?

No. You can only do a clinical internship at the hospitals that are associated with St. Cloud State. Please see the information under "Clinical Affiliates."

What if I don't get a clinical internship?

There are two main options: (a) you can change your major; or (b) you can wait one year and try again.

What is job shadowing and is it required?

In Radiologic Technology, job shadowing is the process of observing Radiologic Technologists during their working day as they do their work and image patients. For the St. Cloud State Radiologic Technology program we require job shadowing (done as a college student), which should be completed as soon as possible. Since you must be a college student to start the job shadowing, the earliest that you can start the job shadowing is the first day of class of your college freshman year.  You may do the shadowing at any hospital or clinic that does x-ray imaging. Record your job shadowing hours using the Radiologic Technology job shadowing report form. Turn in the completed paper form to the SCSU Radiologic Technology Program Director as soon as the job shadowing is completed.  If you need a new copy of the form, always obtain the latest version here using the link provided.

Number of Job Shadowing Hours Required: 12 hours.

Where can I do job shadowing in St. Cloud?

You can do the job shadowing at any hospital or clinic that does x-ray imaging. If you are interested in doing this at St. Cloud Hospital, please contact:

CentraCare Health Education and Professional Development Department

(320) 255-5642 (It is best to use email to contact them).


Where can I do job shadowing outside of St. Cloud?

You can do the job shadowing at any hospital or clinic that does x-ray imaging. The traditional way to do this is to contact the diagnostic imaging departments of hospitals close to where you live and ask them if you can do the job shadowing there.

This is not an exhaustive list, but in the past students have done job shadowing at many hospitals outside of St. Cloud, including Children's Hospital (Minneapolis), St. Gabriel's Hospital (Little Falls), Methodist Hospital (St. Louis Park and also Park Nicollet), North Memorial Hospital (Robbinsdale), Fairview Ridges Hospital and Clinic (Burnsville), Woodwinds Health Campus (Woodbury) and Regions Hospital (St. Paul).

Do I really need PHIL212 and can I take it somewhere else?

PHIL212 is used to satisfy a medical ethics requirement at one of the hospitals. Yes, it is required as part of the courses you need to take at St. Cloud State. It is best to take PHIL212 at St. Cloud State.

If you cannot take it here, then acceptable substitutes are: PHIL1440 at Alexandria Technical and Community College; PHIL1110 at Anoka Ramsey Community College; PHIL1112 at Inver Hills Community College; PHIL1130 at Lake Superior College; PHIL1020 at North Hennepin Community College; PHIL 1135 at Rochester Community and Technical College; PHIL1320 at St. Cloud Technical and Community College; and PHIL252 at the University of Jamestown (Jamestown, ND).  Always ask before substituting a course not listed here. Send questions about this to