Global Studies

Requirements and Details


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.

Global Studies is the cross-disciplinary study of the behavior of nations, states and other international actors (e.g. international governmental and non-governmental organizations and regimes). It examines their relationships with one another, their conflicts and their attempts at collective efforts for global order. The major provides a theoretical and applied understanding of global actors and their activities.

In addition, it provides an opportunity to cultivate an awareness of the diversity and interdependence of the international community. The courses included in the program are drawn from several departments and colleges of the university. They aim to provide an integrated study of the global society and diverse perspectives on the human condition.

The primary objective of the program is to offer an opportunity for students to become knowledgeable in international affairs, while obtaining a solid liberal arts education. The minor offers a more limited, but still cross-disciplinary exposure to the actors and issues in international affairs.

To apply for the major, please fill out the major application form


Global Studies

In order to be admitted into the major, a student must already have completed ENGL 191 , CMST 192, and GLST 195 with a "C" or better in each course. The student must also submit a transcript or course summary. See the Center for Global Studies for instructions on the application process. The Program strongly advises that the student enroll in the major no later than the first semester of the junior year. The Program expects transfer students to make application as soon as is possible, after admission to the university. After the student acquires a specified number of credits, the university prohibits advanced registration without admission to a major. The Program strongly recommends that in order to fully benefit from the major and minor, students take courses in a proper sequence. Many upper level courses in the major are offered only in alternate years. Students can avail themselves of an optional internship experience subject to the approval of the Global Studies Program Director. Internship requirements, including prerequisites, should be obtained from the program director by the student when applying for the major.

A student may apply to the Global Studies director to pursue the Global Studies honors program. Upon successful completion of this process, a notation of honors will appear on the student's transcript at graduation.

African Studies

The African Studies program exists to enhance campus awareness of African cultures, as well as to provide a framework within which students may integrate the specific knowledge they gain about Africa from the various courses they take. African Studies cooperates with campus and community groups and individuals to develop linkages of mutual benefit with Africa. The African Studies program is actively exploring possibilities to establish linkages with academic institutions in Africa. Students who are interested in programs being developed in Africa should consult the director.

East Asian Studies

East Asian studies is an interdisciplinary minor focusing primarily on China, Japan, and Korea. This program is designed to provide opportunities for students to gain a basic understanding of people, cultures, and societies in East Asia. The main goals are to meet the growing interests of SCSU students to study East Asia, serve as a window and bridge for students to reach out to Asia, and prepare students for global challenges of the 21st century. The courses included in the program are drawn from several departments and colleges within the university. Opportunities are available to complete part of the coursework for the East Asian Studies minor in international programs at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Tianjin, People's Republic of China; Daito Bunka University, Tokyo, Japan; and Akita University, Akita, Japan. The East Asian studies minor is of particular value to students interested in pursuing majors with an international dimension.

Latin American Studies

Students who are interested in the Latin American program, the major or the minor are encouraged to consult with Mark Jaede, 278 Stewart Hall, as soon as possible.

GLST courses

The Global Studies program seeks to be a hub for global education and international activities at St. Cloud State University.

The mission of the Global Studies program in the Collge of Liberal Arts is to provide campus and community leadership in the provision of a global curriculum, professional development and service and activities for faculty, staff and students. 

GLST 195: Global Society and Citizenship

The three credit course is usually offered in 3-4 sections per semester, including one online as well as one online section in the summer. The class can fulfil LEP Goal Areas 8 or 9. Passing this class with a "C" or better is required to be admitted to the Global Studies major or minor.

GLST 400: Special topics

Offered on demand. For example, Model UN conference class has been offered in recent years.

GLST 410: Education Abroad Tour

In 2015, there will be classes going to Costa Rica in January and to Nepal in June. See CIS websitefor the brochures and to enroll.

GLST 444: Internship 1-9 credits (S/U grade)

Hours arranged. See Global Studies adviser to fill our necessary paperwork at least one month before the enrollment. There are extra steps to take if it is an international internship.

GLST 495: Senior Seminar in Global Studies

The three credit course is a capstone research seminar required for graduation for both Global Studies majors and minors. You will research a topic and present your results at St. Cloud State Student Research Colloquium. Offered in the spring semester.