Environmental Science/Sustainability

Students who major in environmental science or sustainability work at the intersections of the natural world and the human-made world. Your interdisciplinary education will prepare you to influence the outcomes of today's key environmental issues such as water quality, waste management, nutrient cycling and air quality. Through your class work, laboratory assignments, field research and internships you'll compile the tools and skills to move into jobs in environmental management, research and regulation. Opportunities to practice leadership during your college career will prepare you to excel at leadership in research, science development and the environmental professions when you graduate.

Program Highlights

  • Courses foster an understanding of connections between science, technology, society and the environment.
  • Class work and fieldwork that teaches how to define, assess and solve environmental and technological problems.
  • Advanced technology for hands-on learning in an array of Headley Hall laboratories.
  • Diverse faculty members with international research backgrounds bring a global perspective on water quality, third world development and waste management.
  • Faculty and students demonstrate leadership in professional organizations at local, state, national and international levels.
  • Active student organizations that network with professionals and advance environmental principles. 
  • Environmental Studies is also available as a minor to complement another major. 

Program Distinctions

  • On-campus centers for Environmental Modeling, Environmental Instrumentation, Environmental Soils, Manufacturing, Product Design and Transportation/Energy.
  • Central Minnesota-based faculty research on concerns such as the watershed management and wild rice bed restoration.
  • Co-host of the annual Global Social Responsibility Conference.

Student Organizations

Popular Careers

  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Soil/Water Conservation
  • Forestry Technician
  • Recycling Management
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Environmental Educator

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