Athletic Coaching

Athletic Coaching

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Students who pursue a minor in athletic coaching will find it a useful achievement, especially when combined with another degree or educational emphasis such as teaching. While Minnesota no longer requires teacher licensing for employment as a head coach, you'll find that the courses and hands-on experience on the field required for the minor provide unique insight into motivation, competition, training and conditioning, body mechanics and team leadership.

For questions about this program or to request an individual program of study please email the Department Chair: Dr. William Picconatto

Program Highlights

  • Coaching practicum provides opportunity to volunteer as coach in local schools and community organizations.
  • Student organizations provide opportunities for networking and leadership skill development and experience.
  • Campus-based intramural sports and intercollegiate competition in club sports.

Program Distinctions

  • Student work centered in Halenbeck Hall, a facility that accommodates instruction, research, athletics and general student recreation activities.
  • Full- and part-time faculty and coaches active in conferences, service, and professional leadership at local, national, and international levels.

Student Organizations

  • Campus Recreation Sports Clubs
  • Sports Management Club
  • Cheer Team
  • SCSU Officials Club
Major Minor Online Courses

Popular Careers

  • Athletic Training
  • Community Health
  • Health/ Physical Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Recreation and Sports Management

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