Department of Philosophy


Huskies Scholarships

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Scholarship Recipients

The Philosophy Department is pleased to recognize each of the following students as past scholarship recipients:

Women in Philosophy Endowed Scholarship

2019: Cheyanne Rose
2018: Cheyanne Rose
2017: Sruthi Shankar
2015: Alex Marrone-Karpen; Meghan Johnson
2012: Amy Wood
2010: Nicole Peck
2009: Nicole Peck

James E. White Memorial Endowed Philosophy Scholarship

2020: Emma Madsen, Emily Van De Rostyne
2019: Miles Nelson
2018: Caleb Mikenas
2017: Sruthi Shankar; Caleb Mikenas
2016: Blaine Franklin
2015: Benjamin Bourgoin
2014: Kjell Fostervold; Matt Marrandino
2012: Jiayan Pan; Jason Scott

Drew Roser Memorial Scholarship

2012: Amy Wood
2011: Amy Wood

Religious Studies/Philosophy Scholarship

2011: Amy Wood
2009: Michael Grundhoefer