Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

365 Centennial Hall
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301
(320) 308-2234

Faculty and Staff

Jordan L. Curnutt


320-308-4114 | Centennial Hall 365-E
Research interests: Ethics, Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics

Kathleen A. Gill

Emeritus Professor

Research interests: Philosophy of History, Feminism

Carolyn G. Hartz


320-308-5160 | Centennial Hall 365-G
Research interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, History of Philosophy

Carla A.H. Johnson


320-308-4110 | Centennial Hall 365-I
Research interests: Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Omar A. Mirza

Associate Professor

320-308-5155 | Centennial Hall 365-C
Research interests: Logic, Epistemology, Islamic Philosophy

Paul Neiman


320-308-6141 | Centennial Hall 365-A
Research interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Social Contract Theory, Business Ethics, Applied Ethics, Existentialism

Susana I. Nuccetelli


320-308-5372 | Centennial Hall 365-M
Research interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

Barbara Seefeldt

Office Manager

320-308-2234 | Centennial Hall 365-Q

Michael J. Shaffer


320-308-6685 | Centennial Hall 365-N
Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Logic, Epistemology

Kevin Sharpe


320-308-5316 | Centennial Hall 365-O
Research interests: Metaphysics (especially the nature of human persons), Philosophy of Mind (with a focus on mental causation and the metaphysics of mind), Philosophical Theology

Casey Swank

Associate Professor

320-308-3848 | Centennial Hall 365-K
Research interest: Epistemology