Department of Philosophy

St. Cloud State Philosophy students participate in a class debate.

Philosophy is concerned with questions that are difficult to answer, yet fundamentally important. Nearly all of us want our actions to be good, our beliefs to be reasonable and our government to be just, but how do we know what is good, reasonable and just?

As a Philosophy student, you will gain an increased awareness of these issues, which pervade human life and helps establish a life-long attitude of reflection. We believe that each person’s life can be enhanced and enriched by engaging in philosophical reflection.

Indeed, the proper aim of philosophy is the development of both mind and character through a reasoned pursuit of truth and understanding of the world.

Upcoming Events

  • Carl Elliott visit

    Carl Elliott, professor at the University of Minnesota's Center for Bioethics, will present "Lonesome Whistle: Why Medical Researchers Stay Silent about Wrongdoing" at noon, Jan. 29 in Room 116 of the Wick Science Building.

    Abstract: In 1972, Peter Buxton blew the whistle on the Tuskegee syphilis study, the most notorious case of unethical medical research in American history: Since that time the United States has many alarming research scandals, but very few have been exposed by whistleblowers. Why do most doctors and nurses remain silent while research subjects are being exploited or abused?

    Sponsored by the Philosophy Department, Department of Biology, and College of Science & Engineering