Multicultural Resource Center

Courses with Some Content on Race and Racism

African Studies 
AFST 370: Contemporary Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa

ANTH 310: Society and Culture in Latin America
ANTH 311: Peoples and Cultures of Asia
ANTH 312: Society and Culture in Africa
ANTH 313: Hmong Culture and Society
ANTH 315: Topics in Asian Homelands and/or Diaspora Communities
ANTH 361: A Global World
ANTH 472/572: Topics/Field Work in Asian Homelands or Diaspora Communities

ART 490: Ethnic and Folk Art for Art Educators

Child and Family Studies
CFS 406/506: Early Literacy in Inclusionary Settings

Communication Studies
CMST 335: Communication and Culture: Asia and the U.S.
CMST 336: Problems in Intercultural Communication
CMST 432/532: Intercultural Communication for the Global Workplace

Community Development
CMTY 475/575: Latina/o Communities

Community Psychology
CPSY 323: Introduction to Counseling Theory and Practice
CPSY 384: Individual and Group Differences
CPSY 440: Multicultural Perspectives in the Human Services
CPSY 437/537: Theories of Chemical Dependency
CPSY 438/538: Chemical Dependency Counseling with Selected Populations

Counselor Education and Educational Psychology
CEEP 384: Individual and Group Differences

Criminal Justice Studies
CJS 465: Policing a Diverse Society

ENGL 307: African Literature
ENGL 315: Advanced Studies in American Indian Literature
ENGL 316: Advanced Studies in African American Literature
ENGL 317: Studies in Chicano/a American Literature
ENGL 414/514: Advanced Studies in American Multicultural Literature
ENGL 463/563: ESL and Culture

Ethnic Studies
ETHS 301: Special Topics in American Indian Studies
ETHS 305: Topics in Ethnic Studies
ETHS 307: Chicano/a Cultural Expressions
ETHS 308: African American Cultural Expressions
ETHS 310: American Indians in the Social Sciences
ETHS 312: American Indian Women’s Lives
ETHS 313: Hmong Culture and Society
ETHS 315: Topics in Asian Homelands and/or Diaspora Communities
ETHS 325: Study Abroad in the Americas
ETHS 335: Asian Pacific American Women
ETHS 345: Asian Pacific Americans in Popular Culture
ETHS 407: Contemporary Issues in Chicano/s Studies
ETHS 410: Contemporary American Indian Issues
ETHS 405/505: Women of Color in the U.S.
ETHS 408/508: Major Works in African American Studies
ETHS 425/525: Contemporary Asian Pacific American Issues
ETHS 472/572: Topics/Field Work in Asian Homelands or Diaspora Communities

GERO 405/505: Aging and Diversity

HIST 350: Black Americans
HIST 352: Native Americans
HIST 354: Mexican-Americans
HIST 357: Multicultural U.S. Women’s History
HIST 480/580: Seminar in American History

Human Relations & Multicultural Education
HURL 407/507: Indians and Contemporary Human Rights Issues
HURL 408/508: Global Human Relations
HURL 413/513: Diversity in the Workplace

Mass Communications
COMM 416/516: Critical Analysis of Media

Political Science
POL 313: Metropolitan Area Government

PSY 240: Developmental Psychology
PSY 270: Social Psychology
PSY 330: Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 375: Psychology of Altruism, Helping and Holocaust Rescue
PSY 441/541: Child Psychology
PSY 442/542: Psychology of Adolescence
PSY 443/543: Psychology of Adult Development and Aging

Social Science and Social Studies
SSCI 476/576: Black & American: Issues in Afro-American Studies

Social Work
SW 345: Marginalized Populations

SOC 301: Social Inequity
SOC 415/515: Sociology of Science
SOC 468/568: Minorities in the Capitalist World-System
SOC 474/574: Culture and Family

Special Education
SPED 431/531: Collaboration Skills and Transition Planning in Diverse Settings

Teacher Development
ED 457/557: Issues in Bilingual/Bicultural Education
ED 482/582: Multicultural Child
ED 483/583: Black English: Teaching Black Children to Read

Women’s Studies
WS 330: Gender and Popular Culture
WS 340: Global/Transnational Feminisms
WS 405/505: Women of Color in the U.S.