Antiracist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC)


Antiracist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) Project

The purpose of the award-winning ARPAC project at St. Cloud State is to provide intensive training for faculty committed to incorporating antiracist pedagogy into courses across disciplines and across campus. ARPAC consists of an annual faculty development institute and monthly follow-up sessions which support faculty in their teaching, and foster a community of educators committed to antiracist praxis. 

Antiracist pedagogy includes:
  • examining theory, structure, and the practice of racism and power relations embedded in history, and academic disciplines
  • raising self-awareness of social locations and knowledge production
  • empowering students by validating and acknowledging their everyday experiences
  • fostering critical thinking and equipping students with anti-racist language and discussion skills
  • creating a sense of community in the classroom
  • developing skills for antiracist methodologies in the classroom

We invite you to be part of the movement to advance higher education institutional change for racial equity.

What faculty say about ARPAC

Theresa Estrem - Communication Sciences and Disorders

"...I always thought I was functioning in a non-racist mode and that I did not need further training. However, this training opened my eyes and mind to the greater impact that I can have by learning how to be ANTI-racist. The training was and continues to have a positive impact on me, as well as my students, my research, and my personal life. The training was life changing."

Mark Minger - Biology

"...The ARPAC workshop was a real eye-opener for me and the experience was extremely valuable. I became aware of feelings and situations that were simply not previously in my world, and for that I am thankful. I met and interacted with faculty from across the campus, and I continue to build those friendships. I also have incorporated several assignments in my science teaching methods course that have been well received by my students. Overall, the workshop was beneficial on many levels."

Kathryn Gainey - Art

"...As a past participant in the Antiracist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum Workshop, I have learned to recognize how racism and discrimination is institutionalized on many levels, both in the past and in the present."