Multicultural Resource Center

Thirteen Demands

1. The Institutionalization of a Student of Color Board, selected by Students of Color, to participate as voting members in all aspects of the hiring process of staff and faculty. This same body will be included in all decisions that affect Students of Color.

2. Creation of a Cultural Center within Atwood.

3. Establishment of a Multicultural Resource Center in the Library.

4. Mandatory Cultural Awareness Training for all students at SCSU.

5. Table grapes removed from campus.

6. Increased hiring and retention of faculty and staff of color who would be supportive of Students of Color in this predominantly White university.

7. Increased retention and recruitment of Students of Color.

8. Chicana/o Studies Major

9. Freedom to burn incense in Atwood and Dorms for religious purposes.

10. Our dignity restored by the elimination of the racial classification Hispanic through out the university system and recognition of Chicana/o/Mexican as a separate identifiable class.

11. Hiring of a Legal Advocate for all students.

12. The creation of a Cultural Diversity Committee in Student Government for Students of Color.

13. Finally we demand that Divide and Conquer tactics stop by both the Administration and Student Government members.

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