University Library

Assistive Technology

Students who would like to use assistive technology in the library must contact the office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) ( or 320-308-4080) for training and computer login authorization.

Assistive Technology Equipment

Assistive technology computer workstations are located near the south windows of 1st West. Equipment includes:

  • two (2) dedicated computers with Internet access (ADA1, ADA2)
  • two (2) dedicated scanners (ADA1, ADA2)
  • two (2) headphones, with microphone (ask reference librarian)
  • two (2) mouse rollerballs (ask reference librarian)

Assistive Software on ADA 1, ADA 2 computer workstations:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition)
  • Zoom Text (enlarges computer screen)
  • Jaws (reads computer screens, including Web pages)
  • Open Book (reads scanned text)