Huskies Showcase

Huskies Showcase

5th Annual Huskies Showcase
April 19, 2022

Huskies Showcase celebrates University and community research, creative works and scholarship across all disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Driven by the dimensions of Our Husky Compact, Huskies Showcase provides…

  • An integrated venue to showcase student engagement and achievement through a variety of high impact practices
  • Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners the opportunity to engage with campus to support and celebrate student success
  • The campus community an opportunity to engage with industry, employers and regional communities to prepare St. Cloud State graduates for life, work and citizenship in the 21st century
  • A venue to showcase distinctive student experiences to recruit future Huskies

Plan your project

  • Work with faculty mentor/advisor
  • Determine if you will present in-person or virtually
  • Organize groups
  • Understand recognition and awards


  • Obtain faculty mentor/advisor approval
  • Compile registration materials
  • Submit registration

2021 Proceedings & Abstracts

Huskies Showcase features displays from several collaborations between campus members and community partners.

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