University Library

Equipment Check Out

For Faculty and Instructors

  • Reserve Equipment and Media at (320) 308-3083 (up to one month in advance)

The Library Circulation desk maintains a small pool of multimedia equipment for use by current faculty, staff, and students of St. Cloud State University.

Equipment is not intended for long-term or permanent needs. This equipment checkout program serves the following purposes:

  • Supplies resources to those who can’t afford them
  • Provides short-term solutions for equipment needs
  • Gives multiple users access to resources that they need only sporadically
  • Allows students, faculty, and staff to explore using a particular tool that they may purchase later

Most items have a 3-day general checkout. Faculty and staff may check out equipment for a maximum of 2 weeks. All renewals and checkouts are subject to availability.

On the fifth day overdue, all patrons will receive a bill for the replacement cost of the item. The Library reserves the right to refuse checkout for any reason including, but not limited to, late returns, outstanding fines, damaged equipment, and missing accessories.

Checkout Privileges
Apple TV Faculty OR Student
Assisted Listening Device Faculty OR Student
Cassette Recorder/Tape Player Faculty OR Student
Cables: Ethernet, USB, VGA, HDMI, Mac Faculty OR Student
Calculators Student Only
Data Projector Faculty OR Student
Digital Cameras: Canon, GoPro, Sony Alpha Faculty OR Student
Digital Recorder Faculty OR Student
Blu-ray Player Faculty OR Student
DV Camcorder Faculty OR Student
DVD Player Faculty Only
Headphones Student Only
Memory Card Reader Faculty OR Student
Microphone: Tie clip Faculty OR Student
Microphone: Wireless (for classrooms) Faculty Only
PA System Faculty OR Student
Phone Chargers Student Only
Screen Faculty OR Student
Slide Projector Faculty OR Student
Small Speakers (for laptop) Faculty OR Student
Conference Phone Faculty Only
Tripod (for camera or camcorder) Faculty OR Student

Additional Item Information

DV Camcorders

Digital camcorder check out procedure for students

  1. Students can check out a digital camcorder on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Camcorders may be checked out for 3 days.
  3. One renewal is allowed, if camcorder is available.
  4. Students will be charged a fine of $5 per day for the late return of a digital camcorder.
  5. All digital camcorders have an 8 GB SD (memory card). 
  6. The only supported video editing software in SCSU’s General Access Computer Labs is iMovie, which is installed on campus iMacs. If you are using a computer somewhere other than in the General Access labs, please check to see that you have iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.
    1. Find an available Mac computer
  7. Camcorder instructions for editing and uploading video are provided with each camcorder and are available here:
    1. Vixia HF R100 (web video demo)
    2. Sony HDR-CX220
  8. Please allow between 15-60 minutes for these steps.

Data Storage - General Access Labs

  • Data HD” may be used for temporary storage. Use external storage if you need a more permanent copy.

**SCSU Filespace capacity is 500MB; this is too small for most video projects.

Problems or questions?

Contact HuskyTech at 320-308-7000.

Wireless Microphones

Faculty or staff members may check out wireless microphones at the Circulation Desk for a full semester. Microphones are available for the following classrooms:

  • BH-108
  • CH-100
  • EB-A226
  • EB-B119
  • ECC-111
  • EH-201
  • HH-228
  • MC-206
  • MC-207
  • MC-218
  • MC-B31
  • PAC-260
  • SH-108
  • WS-116