Human Performance Lab


How We Started

founder jack kellyThe Human Performance Laboratory was founded by Dr. John M. Kelly, a gentleman and a scholar known to his friends as Jack.

He joined St. Cloud State University in 1969 to develop and strengthen the sport science classes in the Health, Recreation and Physical Education Department. During his time at St. Cloud State he:

  • Developed high quality undergraduate courses in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and exercise physiology and was known as a master teacher. His exercise physiology course was a favorite among students from many departments.
  • He and several St. Cloud physicians launched a 10-year study on the benefits of physical activity on cardiovascular health with 160 community members.
  • His developed an Adult Fitness Program that is vibrant today and remains an community and student asset. His aim was to help people develop healthier lifestyles.
  • He started an Exercise Science graduate program in the late 1970s as a “special studies” master's degree. In 1993 it became an Exercise Science degree with emphases in biomechanics and exercise physiology.
  • Kelly was joined by faculty members Glenn Street, a biomechanist and Dave Bacharach, an exercise physiologist and John Seifert, also an exercise physiologist.
  • In 1980, he oversaw the move of the lab from a small room in Halenbeck Hall to a new 2,600 square foot lab in Halenbeck. It is the same facility that is in use today.

Kelly retired in 1997.


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