School Counseling (M.S.)

Requirements and Details


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.

Admission Information

  • Strong candidates will be interviewed.
  • Complete a personal interview with representatives of the profession, advanced students in the program and the counseling faculty. An interview is required and is scheduled for mid to late March.
  • For specific interview dates and an appointment, contact the departmental secretary. If attendance at an interview is totally impractical, the graduate director may designate an alternate method. 
  • Admission decisions are made after review of applications and the group interviews are completed. 
  • Applicants can enhance their chance for an admission offer by having all application materials in by the deadline and demonstrating clear and compelling responses to the interview questions in the group interviews.
  • When considering applicants, careful attention is paid to previous work experience, academic background, scholarship, emotional maturity, interpersonal skills and commitment to the counseling profession as demonstrated through application materials and interview responses.
  • Previous experience working with children and adolescents and previous school experience is heavily weighted in the admission process as well. You are also advised to visit with several school counselors prior to admission to verify that this profession is a good fit for you and to be able to show a genuine interest in the field.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Wait list

Competition for limited places in the School Counseling program requires the necessity of a wait list. Wait list decisions are made four weeks after the completion of interviews. 

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