Rehabilitation Counseling (M.S.)

Mission and Goals

Program Mission

The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling prepares students to become highly effective and competent counselors in working with people with disabilities and diverse client populations. The program equips students with professional understanding, knowledge, and skills needed to assist adolescents and adults with disabilities in achieving their maximum level of independence and functioning. Students will gain competency in navigating a global society with cultural fluency.

Program Objectives 

With course work, interaction with professional staff, and direct experience, students will be provided with the opportunity to: 

  • Gain knowledge and skills to counsel diverse populations effectively with cultural fluency. 
  • Understanding of one’s own beliefs, values, attitudes, and acculturative experiences and the interactions that these have within the development of multicultural competence through experiential activities.
  • Develop competence in working with various cultures and subcultures innumerous types of treatment settings and various modalities (individual, family, group, and community treatment interventions) through an applied understanding of the various aspects of cultural identity and the interaction of such identity within the context of counseling. 
  • Attain knowledge to work with adolescents and adults, both in the private and public sectors, toassist them in achieving their maximum level of independence and functioning.  
  • Participate in local, state, national and global professional activities to develop intercultural skills through disability advocacy. 
  • Reinforce knowledge, understanding, and a professional attitude 
  • Synthesize current evidence-based practices and participate in the research process.
  • Develop self-understanding and preparation for doctoral-level training or certification.