Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Admitted Students

Once you have been admitted to the Master of Business Administration program, you will have a few steps to complete before starting your first classes.

Prematriculation Coursework

Harvard Business Publishing Education (HPB) at St. Cloud State University


What is the Harvard Business Publishing Education (HBP) Prematriculation Coursework?

The HBP is a self-directed online course, or coursepack, that prepares you for your upcoming studies in the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University. We require this online course out of our commitment to your success in the MBA Program because our belief is that the stronger your MBA foundation, the more you gain during your MBA journey.

How is the HBP Coursepack structured?

The HBP Coursepack is organized into the following six modules:


Financial Accounting

Management Communication

Mathematics for Managers

Quantitative Methods

Spreadsheet Modeling: Excel 2013


The cost for all six modules is $330 USD. Each module has a pretest and final exam(s). We strongly recommend students create flashcards as a way to reinforce the material.

Passing score on all final exams is 80%. Some modules have multiple opportunities to complete the exam to reach the desired score.


What is the time commitment?

Approximately 90-150 hours. Please note that seat times are estimates and vary depending on the student’s experience level.

What is the course completion deadline?

You will receive the actual date within your Welcome/Next Steps email after you have been admitted to the MBA Program. The course completion deadline is typically one week prior to the start of the semester in which you will begin the program. Once the completion deadline has passed, all final exam scores will be reviewed by the MBA Program staff.

How do I register?

The team at St. Cloud State will send you the coursepack link within your “Welcome/Next Steps” email once you have been admitted to the MBA Program.


Course Summaries


 The Finance online course provides a fundamental understanding of the principles, analytical tools, and knowledge needed to make good investment and financing decisions. The course introduces students to finance ratios, forecasting methods, capital structure theory, and risk-return analysis and then asks them to apply these concepts in several different approaches to valuing a business. 

Approx. seat time:* 13-15 hours


Financial Accounting

 The Financial Accounting course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of financial accounting in a management context. The course describes the key business activities for Global Grocer, a small retail franchise specializing in gourmet foods and specialty kitchen implements from all over the world. In the course, students follow the story of Global Grocer from its inception through the first year of operation. 

Approx. seat time:* 18-22 hours


Management Communication

 The Management Communication Online Course provides students with the skills and guided practice necessary to master important concepts in business communication. It covers three key topics: planning, writing, and presenting. Students learn how to manage and lead more effectively by organizing and executing successful business communication strategies. 

Approx. seat time:* 18-22 hours

* Please note that seat times are estimates and vary depending on the student’s experience level.


Mathematics for Managers

 Mathematics is used to solve a wide range of practical business problems. This online course is designed to level the playing field among incoming MBA students, regardless of prior professional or academic background. Mathematics for Management includes sections on Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, and Finance and covers the key mathematics concepts in these areas that students commonly use to solve quantitative problems in the MBA curriculum. 

Approx. seat time:* 12-20 hours


Quantitative Methods


Quantitative Methods is an introduction to using statistical methods to solve business problems. the course teaches statistics from the management perspective and places special emphasis on developing the skills and instincts needed to make good decisions and become a more effective manager.

Approx. seat time:* 20-50 hours


Spreadsheet Modeling: Excel 2013

 The updated Spreadsheet Modeling course teaches students how to use Microsoft Excel 2013 as both a reporting tool and a modeling tool for solving business problems. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced users of Microsoft Excel. The course begins with an in-depth tour of the Excel environment and includes many helpful shortcuts and tips for mastering the functions in Excel. Students apply this knowledge to create spreadsheet models, which are powerful tools for analyzing data and making business decisions.

Approx. seat time:* 10-20 hours


The following online courses through MBA iQ are not required, but encouraged, especially for those without a business background, or those who have been away from school for several years. Accepted students will receive more information in the Welcome/Next steps email.

What is the MBA iQ?
The MBA iQ is a self-directed online course that equips you to Master the MBA Lexicon, thus
preparing you for your upcoming studies at St. Cloud State University. Our belief is that the
stronger your MBA foundation, the more you gain during your MBA journey.

Who does it benefit?
People who want the most out of their MBA investment and classroom experience.
Specifically, those who:
- Received a GMAT waiver
- Have non-traditional backgrounds / Are non-business majors
- Graduated more than five years ago and need a refresher
- Are new to online learning
- Want a safe place to practice to compete effectively in the classroom
- Plan to switch careers and need to front-load their knowledge

How is the MBA iQ structured?
The MBA iQ at SCSU* is organized into the following two modules:
Module 100: The Business Environment and Organization
Module 200: Marketing & Operations
The MBA iQ provides you with reading assignments, case studies involving numerous
companies, and self-assessments to provide you with the necessary exposure and foundation
before the intensity of the MBA classroom. Detailed topics are provided on the next page.

* does not include coaching or the high-stakes final exam


How much does the MBA iQ cost?

Admitted MBA students in the Herberger Business School receive a special price of $195.


How do I register?

Admitted students will receive registration instructions within their Welcome/Next steps email.


How is MBA iQ structured?

Module 100: Management & The Business Environment

The Business Organization

Business Organizations Defined

Organizational Lifecycle

Legal Structures

Organizational Strategies and Goals

Organizational Design & Structures

Organizational Change & Performance


Business Strategy

Strategic Management Process

Strategic Planning, Implementation & Control

Competitive Strategies

Business Policy


Business Law & Ethics

Business Law

Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibilities


Managers, Leaders, and Teams

Management Functions

Managers' Styles, Skills, and Tools

Leadership Theories

Leaders' Powers & Tools

Business Skills & Competencies


Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

Communication & Negotiation

Conflict Management



Business Economics

Business Economics


Fiscal & Monetary Policy


Interest Rates & Inflation


Leading & Lagging Indicators




Basic Statistics & Probabilities

Quantitative Methods

Decision-Making under Certainty & Risk

Decision-Making under Conflict or Competition

Forecasting Models

Statistical Process Control Methods

Approx. seat time:* 15-20 hours


Module 200: Marketing & Operations


Marketing Mix

Product Management

Product Marketing

Brand Management & Market Share

Service Marketing

Consumer Behavior & Decisions

Pricing Strategies

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Marketing Administration

Digital Marketing

Sales Function

Product Lifecycle

Financial Metrics in Marketing



Demand Forecasting

Production Strategies & Concepts

Lean Operations

Procurement Management

Supply Chain

Logistics Management

Inventory Management

Capacity Management

Theory of Constraints Services

Approx. seat time:* 10-15 hours

Program planning sheet

As a newly admitted MBA student, you are required to complete a program planning sheet. 

The form is available on D2L in the MBA Ignite Course and must be completed and emailed to The deadline for completing the planning sheet will be determined by MBA Director Brandon Johnson 

  • St. Cloud State Campus (Flex Program): Consult all the available courses on the website to fill out your program planning sheet. 
  • Plymouth (Cohort) and Online: Use the already designed program on your course calendar to fill out your program planning sheet. 

If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with our MBA Director Brandon Johnson via email or call 320-308-3212.

Academic Integrity Contract

As a student of St. Cloud State University, you are required to sign the Academic Integrity Contract, a moral agreement between St. Cloud State University and every student stating that you will behave at all times in an ethical manner. The contract is available on D2L and must be signed and emailed to  

The Graduate Academic Integrity Statement states: 

"The School of Graduate Studies and the Graduate faculty expect graduate students to fulfill their academic obligations honestly and fairly without engaging in cheating, plagiarism, falsification, collusion, or other forms of academic dishonesty. Graduate students must adhere to the University policy on academic integrity. The School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to impose additional sanctions on graduate students found to be in violation of the academic integrity policy, including academic probation, suspension, and dismissal. Academic suspension and dismissal will be noted on the student transcript." 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MBA program at 320-308-3212 or