Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Admitted Students

Once you have been admitted to the Master of Business Administration program, you will have a few steps to complete before starting your first classes.


You are required to complete the MBA IQ course prior to registering for your first semester of courses. 

What is the MBA IQ?

The MBA IQ is a self-directed online course that equips you to Master the MBA Lexicon, thus preparing you for your upcoming studies with the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University. Our belief is that the stronger your MBA foundation, the more you gain during your MBA journey.

Why is the MBA IQ required?

Designed to create confidence in the classroom, the MBA IQ is a prerequisite course for all incoming MBA students. Whether you’ve been out of school for many years or haven’t studied many business courses, the MBA IQ provides a solid foundation for your upcoming MBA courses, enabling you to get more out of your MBA education.

What’s involved?

The self-paced online course may take 40-60 hours to complete over the course of several weeks. You will have a personal coach to help you get through the program and final exam. On par with a 3-hour credit course, the MBA IQ costs $700 per applicant.

After completion of the course, you will receive an MBA IQ Score, which you can highlight in your resume. Your MBA IQ score is a means for you to differentiate your skill set – it can be used when discussing a career opportunity. 


The MBA IQ includes:

  • 3 learning modules covering all areas of business
    • The Business Environment and Organization
    • Marketing and Operations
    • Accounting and Finance
  • Available coaching resources 
  • Online self-assessments and quizzes
  • Ability to create flashcards to assist in completion 
  • Current cost is $700

Newly admitted students will receive detailed instructions about registration.

Program planning sheet

As a newly admitted MBA student, you are required to complete a program planning sheet. 

The form is available on D2L in the MBA Ignite Course and must be completed and emailed to The deadline for completing the planning sheet will be determined by MBA Director Brandon Johnson 

  • St. Cloud State Campus (Flex Program): Consult all the available courses on the website to fill out your program planning sheet. 
  • Plymouth (Cohort) and Online: Use the already designed program on your course calendar to fill out your program planning sheet. 

If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with our MBA Director Brandon Johnson via email or call 320-308-3212.

Academic Integrity Contract

As a student of St. Cloud State University, you are required to sign the Academic Integrity Contract, a moral agreement between St. Cloud State University and every student stating that you will behave at all times in an ethical manner. The contract is available on D2L and must be signed and emailed to  

The Graduate Academic Integrity Statement states: 

"The School of Graduate Studies and the Graduate faculty expect graduate students to fulfill their academic obligations honestly and fairly without engaging in cheating, plagiarism, falsification, collusion, or other forms of academic dishonesty. Graduate students must adhere to the University policy on academic integrity. The School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to impose additional sanctions on graduate students found to be in violation of the academic integrity policy, including academic probation, suspension, and dismissal. Academic suspension and dismissal will be noted on the student transcript." 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MBA program at 320-308-3212 or