Gerontology (M.S.)

Graduate Certificate

In the graduate certificate program for Gerontology, you will receive specialized training in aging studies. Your certificate complements and supplements other graduate majors. You will acquire knowledge that can be used across numerous agencies, institutional settings and professions.

Participation in the Gerontology certificate program provides you with advanced professional educational opportunities while also creating opportunities to develop professional networks. The coursework will give you a great expansion of knowledge and expertise in your professional development.

Gainful Employment

Certain undergraduate and graduate certificates at St. Cloud State University prepare students for employment in specific fields and do not result in a degree. Federal law requires publication of data associated with those programs of study, including approximate program costs, program length, and employment statistics. The Minnesota State Chancellor's office has provided this report containing the aforementioned information for all required programs.

Applicants to this program must complete and attach the Gainful Employment Acknowledgement form as a part of their application for admission.

Gerontology (Graduate Certificate)